Sunday, 15 March 2020

Readers comments: virus facts

On the virus facts: 

CDC Dr. Robert Redfield admitted to House Rep Harley Rounda on 11 March at the hearing that some “flu” cases in the US have later diagnosed Covid19 . [ref]

According to CDC, US had a “flu” outbreak which started in September. Between Oct to present: 34 millions Infected with 20,000 deaths.

China got accused of not being transparent but Johns Hopkins University said China is the only country that has live data feeding into the global reporting system. Others are not real time and mostly manual.
According to SCMP, the whistleblowers (an eye doctor and now a nurse) said they started to become aware of the “strange flu” problem in late December, around 27 Dec . At that time, the doctors actually involved were waiting for the lab test and reported to WHO on 31 Dec (WHO website). The genetic sequence of the virus were made available online to the world on 7 January- WHO Dr. Ryan said at press conference that to pick up the virus in a peak of flu season is almost impossible and  the speed of information on the virus genetics were great help for all  scientists involved developing treatments and vaccines. 

On 8 Jan WSJ reported that there were 59 cases of the new virus in Wuhan and no one knew much how the virus would transmit, even today, there are still a lot of unknown.. ...the Wuhan mayor was accused of covering up information and let a public event went ahead in mid Jan (when there were still a lot of unknowns about the risks of the virus).  With a lot of knowledge about the virus since then, in late Feb and early March and even up to this weekend, a lot of countries in Europe, UK and US allowed mass events to go ahead... the media has been scrutinizing China but forgetting to do a check and balance on home ground... for Europe it now looks a bit too late and in America, journalists only started to check with Trump administration on the testing kits...(Bloomberg report). China’s lockdown reduced the transmission rate by 80% but Europe missed the window opportunity to contain the virus. For America, we have not idea what’s going on in that black data box. 

WHO has been saying since mid Jan that there is a window opportunity but it is narrowing day by day... now it is closed I think...

Covid19 testing kits are still not available in the US for public so no one really knows the actual Covid19 situation in the US. The biggest black data box right now is America. 

As the biggest economy, it is worrisome situation. Unilaterally US also looked down, first with the second largest economy- China (at the time China already implemented containment measures), now with EU/UK, the third largest economic entity.. 

It is all crazy stuff...

1. The first group of patients identified in Wuhan in Dec: 41 but 13 of them were unrelated to the seafood market;
2. Scientists still cannot find the original patient zero for the virus (trace back to date using specimens testing, - the earliest patient they identified locally is now dated 17 Nov but he is not the patient zero);
3. The virus has five strains: A, B, C, D, E based on it’s generic sequence. Wuhan patients only have C and D (later versions) but not the original (earlier strains A and B); but US patients have all five strains of the virus;
4. Timeline: the military game finished on 28 Oct, Wuhan started a peak of  “flu” in mid Nov - virus was identified in late Dec - now known Covid19; - Wuhan is densely populated, the transport hab for China  and in the temperature zone (8-9 degrees) later identified perfect for the virus to spread fastest - so it got an outbreak;
5. Meanwhile, US has a “flu outbreak” since September; between October-present: 34 million people with 20,000 deaths;
6. Italy was the first in Europe to lockdown border with China very early on. Its  “patient zero” is from Hawaii, similarly a Japanese couple was diagnosed in Hawaii as flu but tested Covid19 positive after returning to Japan. 

The place of an outbreak is not necessarily the place where the virus was originated. 

1. H1N1 - was called “Mexican flu“ by Americans became the outbreak “started” there, but it was later identified the virus was actually originated in the US; but Mexico still gets the “name”;
2. MERS-Cov outbreak started in Saudi Arabia, but the virus was traced back to Jordan after six months scientific study;

Pompeo has been running  around the world bad mouthing  China and called the virus “Wuhan” virus and “Chinese virus”,  contradicting international practices and WHO, Trump also started call it “foreign virus” causing problems in America - these behaviors incident racism and violence. A lot of Asian got beaten up, verbally abused and one South Korean was even got pushed down to the subway track ..