Wednesday 4 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 4 March

From Worldometer where many details. 50% jump in Italy
Virus brings more decoupling?
Third doctor dies
WeChat censorship
Israel Covid-19 vaccine
Selling up at huge losses
The Times ($):Coronavirus is today’s 9/11

OT: listening to BBC iPlayer, ”In the Studio” with Madeleine Thien, struggling with her new novel after her last prize winner

And… all things considered, I think the world is way over reacting to this virus. Leaders are in a bind: if they don’t take robust action they get criticised for doing too little. But the precautions and the stock market plunges are way worse than the reality of the virus, which overall is affecting older people with pre existing conditions. And in all countries appears the peak will be tens or hundreds or low thousands of cases with two digit death tolls, not millions or even hundred of thousands.

OT: Alex Lo to protesters: “Leave the family of Chan Yin-lam alone”.  It’s collective madness …