Tuesday 24 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 24 March

Result of spike in imported cases
My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer 
Wow, 11.3% spike in new cases… again most in Europe and United States. Italy over 6,000 deaths, nearly double those in China. Though daily new cases have dropped two days in a row.
09:55 HKT: and Carrie Lam is giving her weekly presser. I must say, she’s doing better with this crisis than she did with the protests. She seems to be in her element here, being the process oriented bureaucrat. She’s talking about our border policies. And that we’ve closed border to all visitors. Something that just a fortnight ago was unthinkable. The unthinkable is a daily occurrence these crisis-hit days. She’s also talking about closing all bars.
It’s got to be a balance between lives and the economy. (Says I). At some time the cure is worse than the disease.
Now talking about the fact that some people have escaped quarantine orders. They are being chased down and will be arrested. We don’t have enough quarantine centres because of Democrat-led Nimby-ism last month.
Still, as we’ve thought for a while now. Hong Kong is the safest place to be.  Especially our cordon sanitaire of Discovery Bay.

Glimpses of hope in Italy, while Italian doctor says ‘strange pneumonia’ found in Italy in November
I’d noticed yesterday…Trump stops calling it ‘China virus’ praises cooperation. Example: cooperating to supply testing kits 
Boris imposes Britain lockdown. Total worldwide stay-at-homes now 1.5 billion
Finally! Olympics postponed
Asian-Americans are stocking up on guns
US officials overruled expert advice in crucial early stages of the outbreak
China economy will post worst quarter ever.  Boeing closes factories. BUT Japan and HK markets up 4-6%.  (Bloomberg TV)
Opinion: give credit where it’s due. Thoughtful article by Brian YS Wong