Wednesday 11 March 2020

Trailblazing Pete Buttigieg Revealed the Extent of ‘Progressive’ Homophobia - Quillette

Very interesting article. I had no idea Mayor Pete was so reviled by the intersectional gay/queer/trans Left, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. They want someone who is “oppressed” (so they can blame the “oppressors”) and Pete clearly isn't and won’t play that game. And they want someone more Queer. Really. He wasn't effeminate enough for them. Rather than play to win, these intersectional regressive lefties play to be victims.
Good on Pete. He did well. He had to fight not only the other candidates, but his own side as well.
Meantime, the Conservatives' most damning criticism of Pete is that he's a bit robotic in debates. Nothing at all about his sexuality. Which shows how far America has come. Even Trump welcomed his candidacy and said he could vote for a gay candidate.
Those are good things. Not so good is the homophobia in parts of the Left. Not so good is the homophobia in parts of the gay community. What? Homophobia in the gay community? Yes; read the article