Thursday 12 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 12 March

Reader asks “Is this Basil?”... our dog

My spreadsheet from figures at  Worldometer 
Wow, 6,925 new cases, 5.5% increase, though only 12 in China. Most new cases in Italy. Coronavirus now main news topic on all channels. Standard advice is now “social exclusion” which we too are also practicing.  Thinking we may not be able to go ahead with Alaska trip in May.
News Roundup:
WHO declares pandemic
Hong Kong: don’t be complacent
AMA: US missteps speed spread of coronavirus
China sends experts to Italy to help
Coronavirus and stock plunge threaten Trump re-election
Breaking (09:15): Trump names Jared Kushner his “virus adviser”. Wtf? I thought VP Pence was head of anti-virus efforts?? All travel from Europe (ex UK) to the US has been cancelled for 30 days. WSJHoly smoke!!*
WSJ: NBA suspends season
Bracing for wild ride in Asia stocks as Dow turns bearish
*[Added]: Trump address to the nation didn’t help. Finance Cable channels are saying he disappointed. Futures fall further.

I wonder: will China learn anything from disaster of muzzling information? I doubt it. Secrecy is in apparatchiks DNA.