Saturday 7 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 7 March

Goodness me, let’s hope so. Today’s front page

From Worldometer   By the way, this is my own spreadsheet.
It’s the new cases and no. of deaths that are from the Worldometer
Nearly 4,000 new cases, the most since I started recording in January. Of which China 99.

I’ve had it with the constant upsets. First our local protests, self-harming, now a novel virus hammering the world.
Then again, as soon as I start thinking “enough!” I just have to watch BBC or CNN and see what’s going on in Idlib, random bombings or in Turkey-Greece, the thousands of spurned refugees, to put our our “troubles” into perspective. They fear for their lives. We are still safe and comfortable. Were I a believer I’d be thanking God, or Allah. As it is, I thank our luck to be privileged. As we are.

And now on CNA, the WHO is saying we can’t assume that the virus will disappear in the summer as they have in the past.
Disruption to China and Korea worse than thought. Biggest jump in Malaysia
Progress in China 
21 new cases on cruise ship in California
Financial havoc
The truth about toilet paper 
“It’s all fake!”  Wuhan’s Potemkin estate
Vaccine by April 
WHO estimate death rate 3.4%, while HKU estimates 1.4%. SCMP print version says “children as vulnerable as adults”.

OT: “What a baby!”  Tide turns on swimmer Sun Yang