Sunday, 1 March 2020

Watching Joe win South Carolina…

… so his firewall” worked. Joe got about 50% of the vote. Bernie about 20%, Tom Steyer 12% and then Pete and Liz and Amy. Bloomberg wasn’t in it.
So that keeps Joe in the race going into Super Tuesday, the day after tomorrow.
CNN has their usual panel. I like Andrew Yang and Van Jones. They alsways have something to add, new perspectives.
Yang tell “us that the Bloomberg has a campaign with the data down to each individual ward, each street and they know exactly which numbers they need to hit and where. Tuesday will tell.
The panel is wondering if now it’s not time for the “stop Bernie” faction to coalesce around one candidate, presumably, though they don’t say it, Joe.
Tom just announced he’s pulling out. So that’s one of the “stop Bernie” gang gone. I guess his campaign was always just about raising the issue of climate change. He says “je ne regrette rien”, or English equivalent. An amazing experience, he says. I guess if you’ve got the FU money, why the hell not…
CNN Panel saying Bernie lost by much more than he’d hoped.
Delegate count:
South Carolina: 54 Delegates. Joe gets 24 and Bernie gets 8. Still to be apportioned: 22
Total delegates to date: Bernie 53. Joe 41. Pete 26. Liz 8 . Amy 7.
Biden: “Democrats want a nominee who’s a Democrat”. (Bernie joined the party only to race for president. He was a member of the Democratic-Socialist Liberty Union party, then independent).

CNN are trying not to show bias, but are clearly delighted Joe won.

Update (3/3): Amy is out and Pete is out. Liz still in for reasons that elude. Ego, I guess