Saturday, 21 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 21 March

My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer
More record new infections and record number of deaths. Mostly in Europe
We here in Discovery Bay HK are now in the safest place in the worldwith fully stocked supermarkets, no panic buying. So people that fled to the United States or Europe a month ago are now flooding back to Hong Kong and its amongst these that we have to be super careful about new infections. China ditto. (Letter: “I feel safer in HK”)
“Warning comes after city records biggest daily increase of 48 ,
raising fears arrivals could fuel huge surge in infections…”
Discovery Bay, where we live: it’s a car-free suburb of Hong Kong, on an island, accessible only by Ferry and Bus. On each you have to wear masks and there are temperature checks. So we are a cordon sanitaire
Hong Kong is right by the epicentre of the outbreak, yet we’ve kept the infection rate to well below that in European countries. In part because of quick action to restrict travel and check all new arrivals and in part because we’ve been using masks and disinfectants all over the city continuously since SARS in 2003. Cleaning touchable surfaces like elevator buttons and railings has continued since and become part of daily habits. Part of our DNA.

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News Roundup:
Australia mulls ‘drastic measures
Trump turns combative
China emerges from lockdown, cooperates with Korea, Japan to reduce imported cases
Cathay Pacific down to 4% of services
US: ‘Disruption and paralysis’ (NYT)