Tuesday 17 March 2020

Bill Gates predicted coronavirus epidemic FIVE YEARS AGO!

I’m a big fan of Bill Gates. his big brain and his big fortune. Bill's big fortune now focusses on improving health systems around the world. He knows whereof he speaks.
In the vid above he talks about a virus outbreak, as the biggest danger to the world, more than nuclear war, and which is spookily just like the one we’re going through now.
Interesting that one of the five things he recommends towards the end -- no. 3, use of the armed forces -- is something China did to maintain order and logistics in Wuhan, but for which it was hammered in US media, “armed soldiers battering citizens” and the like. But it turns out it was critical. Maybe they’d watched Bill’s TED talk and drawn lessons. Certainly the Trump Admin didn’t.
We’re all suffering from the coronavirus now, and it’s really worth spending some of the time you have at home, “social distancing”, to look at this prescient warning.  And to wonder if we can, next time, listen rather more closely to The Bill.