Tuesday, 24 March 2020

'Hong Kong Expats Point Fingers Over Who’s Spreading Coronavirus’ ~ Bloomberg News

Most of recent spike due to returnees/close contact
And now we have Discovery Bay in the news. Mind you, it’s not clear from that Bloomberg article that there is a spike right here in DB, just that it’s an issue and one that our family has been concerned about for some time, specifically because of the returnees from Europe. There are heaps of Europeans in DB, many many Italians and French, because of the fashion and clothing industry in China. 
We now know personally of our actual first person with the virus in DB, adult male, just returned from Italy.
Clip from the article:
The spike has exploded new tensions among the city’s expatriates. Bankers, lawyers, pilots and business people are now trading blame, blasting quarantine-breakers on Facebook and threatening to report their neighbors to the police.
It’s also given new ammunition to local Hong Kongers irritated by the lax mask-wearing standards of foreign residents, with several newspapers running front page articles criticizing bare-faced expatriates and displaced college students hanging out in bars despite calls for social distancing.
In Discovery Bay -- a tight-knit community favored by air crew [Me: and elderly retirees] for its proximity to the airport, larger apartments and ocean vistas -- a local restaurant run by a U.K. transplant posted a stern message on its Facebook page.
“Warning to anyone returning from Europe. DB is a small community, everyone knows you, so if you are meant to be in isolation, do not come to Hemingway’s,” the management wrote. “If we see you, we will send out CCTV footage to the authorities. You have been warned.
Hemingway’s is now closed