Thursday 5 March 2020

Pollution map

[Mouse over countries to see detailed figures]
I posted this because some people are saying that the virus has spread in places with higher air pollution: China, Korea, Italy, Iran. I’ll give you all but Italy, as I’ve lived there many years and I thought “huh?”  They claim Italy is the most polluted in Europe. It’s not, as the map above shows.
This led me to look at air pollution world wide, mainly at the PM2.5 measure which is explained here.
[I can think of another reason Italy may have got so many cases: the close relationship between the Italian clothing and fashion industry — concentrated in Northern Italy — and Chinese manufacturers]
Turns out there’s an air quality monitor you can buy and which will send info to a central place that publishes a real time measure of AQ worldwide. I’ve ordered one of the monitors, here
This is good citizen involvement.