Tuesday 31 March 2020


Everyone is posting their sourdoughs. Some of mine…
I’ve been making sourdough weekly for over five years. From before it became trendy? Anyhoo well before the ugliness of coronavirus, the beauty of all-natural bread…
Pumpkin and sunflower seed bun, mini
Baguette, Rondo al forno, mini baguette, loaf
cooked in Dutch oven. All cooked same bake
becoz I prepped a bit too much dough
Got an earful
Star Baker
Daughter in the UK, loves baking, tells me it’s difficult to find flour there. I thought it was ok here in Hong Kong, but now difficult here too. One of the reasons: all of our flour — like most of our food — is imported. A quarter [4/4/20 update] HALF of air freight is in the hold of passenger planes. Passenger flights drastically reduced. Ergo…