Monday 30 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 30 March

Social distancing at local market
59 new cases in Hong Kong, 40 of which imported, people who had returned from US and Europe. Total now 641. No new cases in China.
Worldwide it’s horrid. I don’t know what to say. Trump just said: if US can keep deaths to 100-200,000 that would be a “great victory”. (CNA)
We here in Discovery Bay are fine, thanks for asking! Our clubs are closed down, so no gym. Jing goes hiking on the trails which start right in our doorstep and some lovely walks. Temperature in the twenties, so it’s comfortable. I ride the bike mostly through the park a few circuits. People are out and about, social distancing. When I meet a mate, we do an elbow raise, no bump.
Our supermarkets remain open and well stocked and we can easily go out. So compared with some other places in complete lockdown, we’re doing fine. Lucky us…

News Roundup 
US National Institute of Health: virus circulating in humans decades before the outbreak
Supplements won’t help and may harm
Dogs and social distancing owners, Siena Park, DB, yesterday
My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer: