Thursday 5 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 5 March

From Worldometer where many details
Discovery Bay bubble update: all fine and normal here. No more panic buying. Still it seems more than the normal number of outward removals here in DB. The figures for HK suggest 40% increase in numbers looking to emigrate. Hmmm…   Certainly things seem quieter around the Plazas. Many going to Australia

Korea, Iran, Italy all have more new cases than China
The overall death rate (above chart) is likely lower than 3.44% because many undiagnosed cases. EG: children are not badly affected, may not be diagnose.
Hence…Death rates vary: Korea 0.6%, Iran 3.1%, Italy 3.3%, US 6.9%. Here.
The United States doesn’t have the testing kits hence low number of cases which gives the high death rate. China, by contrast, is testing millions. So the US death rate is almost certainly too high, and will come down as new cases are recognised.
Bloomberg TV: Dr William Heseltine, professor emeritus Harvard Medical School, says the US response has been very poor, right up to now, in getting testing kits in the hands of doctors and clinics. China, he says, gave the world some (breathing!) space to get our act together, by its quick action, but the US missed the chance. Only now getting its act together.
Still: Don’t buy into the politics of fear. Vigilance, not panic! Wash those hands! Long enough to sing “Happy Birthday” twice (says Boris)
Foreign firms fleeing China.
Glimpses of the obvious from the IMF: “global growth will be hit”.
In other news…
Sam Pak Wan north beach, Discovery Bay,
Hong Kong. Yesterday
Basil (11) in between snoozles