Saturday 28 March 2020

Covid-19 virus update, 28 March

My spreadsheet from figures at Worldometer 
Some people still believe the virus is man-made. It is not. I re-post below the proof we have that it’s natural:
Conspiracies theories abound. The most pernicious being that the virus was bioengineered by China or America. As the Three Stooges club each other...
The New England Journal of Medicine says.
… scientists tell us that SARS-CoV-2 did not escape from a jar: RNA sequences closely resemble those of viruses that silently circulate in bats, and epidemiologic information implicates a bat-origin virus infecting unidentified animal species sold in China’s live-animal markets.” [ADDED 28/3/20: scientists remain unsure where exactly the virus originated]
This view is supported by The Lancet, by the American Medical Association by professors of medicine and epidemiologists. In short, every expert says it’s a natural virus. Nasty, but natural.
A good summary of debunking the “made in China or made in America” memes is here.
And scientists prove virus is not man-made
There’s a section of Corona-spiracies at Snopes, the fact checking website. Worth checking out before blasting out unverified info. There’s an infodemic!
Daniel Pioes has a bit to say about the Usual Suspects in conspiracy theories.
Then there’s the madness of Tory Genocide. Boris is apparently allowing the elderly to die — deliberately! But these are people who voted for him. So, WTF?
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China and US agree to cooperate
And Boris tested positive yesterday. He’s at home self-quarantined
The photo is a lone guy walking in Lan Kwai Fong,
restaurant and nightlife district.  4 the limit 
Does chloroquine work? For now, we’ve don’t know
Italy and Spain, record number of deaths